oil and water…

as my heart breaks with each passing day over the catastrophe happening in the gulf and beyond (petroleum), i have to give thanks to the plastic pollution coalition for posting this trailer for the documentary, tapped. whether it is protesting against offshore drilling or trying to educate ourselves about the global threat that is plastic, we need to not go fetal in these trying times, but wake up and take action!

for the 50 BILLION plastic bottles americans use each year, 2.5 TONS of carbon dioxide are pumped into the environment. not to mention the oil used to make the bottles and transport the bottles. and this goes beyond bottles, according to rise above plastics, 1.5 million marine animals die each year because of plastics. as you know, modernest donates a portion of our profits to 5 gyres and surfrider – the plastic detritus in our seas is a disturbing and fatal reminder of our throwaway culture.

and so is this:seriously? “the water with all the answers”? what about answering this:  what about the planet? why jennifer aniston?

bottled water is the biggest scam. their “producers” destroy local lakes and waterways and then package and sell same water back to the residents and the country and the world. they create beautiful packaging and logos and marketing campaigns and make you want to buy something that is available naturally and for free (except for the souls who are too poor to have access to fresh drinking water). vitamin water, smart water, fiji water, dasani, aquafina…all b.s.

listen, back in the day, i, too, fell victim to the pretentiousness of bottled water. i swore by evian and volvic. i wouldn’t drink anything else. i claimed that i could taste the difference, that i was somehow more sophisticated because i drank water that was imported from france. c’est ridicule! but that was decades ago…today, people are growing more aware of the dangers of plastics, of bpa, of stupid marketing campaigns that tell you will be smarter, cooler, more beautiful if you drink their water. enough.

and if you need more reasons to stop, here are five more from the mother nature network.

and for some beautiful and motivating words written on this horrific situation, please visit my friend marie’s blog, the spirit factor.

ban the bottle. ban the bag. ban BP. get involved!

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2 responses to “oil and water…

  1. Very well said. Expensive marketing campaigns can make just about anything seem like the ‘answer’ we’ve been looking for– let’s not even start to talk about diamonds. It’s such an old thought to buy bottled water, I’m suprised that people still do. Our awareness of how toxic these products are has to turn into a mission to save this incredibly beautiful, and fragile, planet that is our collective home. My heart breaks, too, at the disaster in the Gulf that continues to get worse, with no end in sight. I only hope that nature will forgive us someday.

    • i, too, hope that nature will forgive us. i added a link to your blog – your words are inspiring in the midst of such darkness – i can only hope that we wake up and start to realize the way we live is not sustainable.


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