meatless monday recipe(s): quinoa salad with lime & fresh mint and make your own hummus…

image from gluten-free goddess

i am posting this recipe from gluten-free goddess for three reasons:  one, because my girlfriend marie (the inspiration for yesterday’s post and so much more!) has recently embarked on a gluten-free diet (and she already feels amazing); two, because you know i LOVE quinoa; and three, because the weather out here in l.a. is in the mid 80s and this fresh yet protein packed salad looks like the perfect idea for a light supper tomorrow night. and since karina says it will taste better the next day, i will make it this afternoon and let all those delicious flavors mix and meld together overnight. i may add some diced cucumbers (only because i have a ton in the fridge) and serve it with some sun tea…perfect!

image from novel eats

i’m posting this recipe for making your own hummus for three reasons. one, we LOVE hummus but (two) it’s kind of expensive! and three, let’s face it, my boyfriend is a strapping lad and sometimes a salad for dinner (no matter how delicious) just isn’t enough. but if i serve hummus and some baked pita bread,  i think he’ll be satisfied (fingers crossed!). i’ll add some kalamata olives to the mix to carry that mediterranean theme to its savory fullest. marie can’t have pita bread now, but maybe some lovely veggies for dipping? i also saw a few recipes online for gluten-free pita bread, but i leave that up to her!

so for now, i gotta get to soaking my chickpeas!

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