single use hand towels…kleenex blows!

my friend marie told me about this ad she saw on tv (may take a moment to load). in it, there is a side by side comparison of a teeny, tiny washcloth and the shiny box of kleenex single use disposable hand towels.

up ahead, more trees will die so you can dry your hands! because as kleenex says, “your hands are only as clean as the towel used to dry them.” all you dirty piggies, exit right…

i love that there is a sound of coughing in the background (ooh, germs!) and that a big drooly dog takes down the tiny washcloth (because that happens all the time…). isn’t the point of washing your hands with this invention called “soap” supposed to kill germs? but wait! you can use the paper towel to wipe off the sink and counter when you’re finished…who are these people? and what are they doing in the bathroom? maybe the beautiful designer dispenser will sway you…

no? not convinced yet? well what about hanging it from the towel rack you no longer need?

now, that is gas station chic!

seriously, if you’re so paranoid about the germs being spread by your own family, maybe you could have your own individual  hand towels…we let ours dry outside – i’ve never had a funky towel in all my life – i swear, this whole thing makes me so angry. and what is that stupid dispenser made of? plastic? dyed paper? good job, kleenex! and at $2.99 for 60 towels…that is a pretty expensive investment for a family of four.

oh and i almost forgot, their “cottony-soft sheets are free of inks, dyes, and fragrances” – no post-consumer, recycled product here folks, – this is about “a clean, fresh towel every time” – trees be damned!


would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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9 responses to “single use hand towels…kleenex blows!

  1. kim

    I’m so going to start using paper or styrofoam plates for my dishes at every meal now. maybe even some plastic utensils too!

  2. You go girl! You said everything I was thinking when I first saw this ad. I was surprised that Kleenex was pushing this type of product in the year 2010, and disappointed at the fear tactics they were using to sell it. The fact is, our immune systems need to be exposed to germs in order to make them stronger. I’m more concerned about the health of our planet than I am about my husband, or dogs, bringing germs into our house. Funny, just as I was writing this our dog, Big Al, walked in the front door with mud all over his paws, tracking it all over my freshly washed floors. Dirt and germs are a just a part of life.

    Anyway, it’s a ridiculous product with a ridiculous ad campaign.

  3. k

    i’m not too worried about the trees, they’re pretty much a crop and are grown to be cut down and replanted again, but i do agree, that kleenex is ridiculous, this product is even more ridiculous, and headed in the completely opposite direction of the way we ‘should’ be going. i couldn’t believe the first time i saw that commercial and it’s something i loooove to bring up in conversations. i’m currently on a kleenex ban, and will be until they stop making this. although this is coming from someone who uses a handkerchief or a sock/shirt from the hamper instead of tissues… they’re washable too…

    • took me forever to respond to you – i agree with so much that you said, it’s such a ridiculous and unnecessary product – i get angry all over again just thinking about it! thanks for writing!


  4. I agree completely! Can’t believe that Kleenex has the gall to introduce such a wasteful product.

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