meatless monday recipe(s)…51 quick veggie dishes from martha!

scrolling through martha stewart‘s 51 meatless recipes* (all ready to eat in less than an hour), i had a hard time picking just one! so here are the top 5 i want to try…if you do the math, martha has hooked you up for your meatless mondays for nearly the entire year!

1. her west coast grilled pizza looks so fresh and delicious! this version is made with spinach, but once our arugula kicks in, i know i’ll be going out to our garden often to whip up a peppery version of this recipe!

2. i have my own go-to version of pantry peanut noodles, but am dying to try her lighter sesame noodles! she doesn’t use ginger and chooses creamy over chunky peanut butter…but who am i to question martha?

3. i am intrigued by her use of lime as a finishing touch for her tofu stir fry…and i’m not a big fan of button mushrooms, so will probably substitute shiitakes or oysters.

4. i LOVE roasted vegetables and ever since my boyfriend’s sister told me to roast my chick peas, i’m a total fan! so i will roast the peas along with the veggies and use either couscous or quinoa (whatever i have on hand) and this lovely couscous salad with roasted vegetables and chickpeas will give me a complete protein!

5. i love eating eggs for breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dinner, late night supper – anytime. and how fancy pants will i look when i serve my guests this beautiful family style rolled omelet with spinach and cheddar? this is one of those recipes you can change endlessly…arugula and romano? sure, why not? sundried tomato, basil and parmesan? oh, yes please!

hopefully, these recipes will excite you as much as they did me and…as always, thanks martha!

* obviously, all photos courtesy of

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