until we can afford adult sized… modern miniatures…

i’ve been meaning to post the fabulous gift we received from my boyfriend’s mom. she is a true artist when it comes to miniatures and when she came across this little beauty, she had to get it for us! so, here is our miniature mid-century modern starter set! tim is going to build us a lovely modern home now that we have the living and dining room ready to go! i think he will probably build some sculptures and mobiles and paint some mini-canvases for the perfect finishing touches!

maybe he can also work on a mini jere sculpture for above the fireplace (and build the fireplace) and we definitely will need some pottery…such fun!

check out this article from the ny times, called modern design, in miniature is growing. in it, they talk about my new hero, christine ferrara and my new favorite blog, call of the small – which shows you how creative and fantastic and exciting this world of mini-modernism can be!

hello, rock wall and groovy wallpaper!

excuse me, eames lounger, may i take a seat?

have we met before, mr. cabinet and ms. chair?

just pulled up in my mini mini and am ready for cocktails on the rooftop!

this emerson house is a bit too contemporary for me, but is available for preorder on brincadada.com

vitra design museum has ten pages of iconic chairs and sofas like this beauty by le corbusier:

image from design-museum.com

i am so excited to scour call of the small and figure out tons of little projects for us to do!

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3 responses to “until we can afford adult sized… modern miniatures…

  1. Where or where did you mom buy that fabulous mid-century modern furniture? It is to die for.

    If you are looking for more mini mid-century modern inspiration check out MiniModernistas work on esty or her photos on flickr. She specializes in mid-century modern.

    Mini Smiles,

    • wow, thanks megan! her stuff is amazing!! already found a few pieces we must have…going to wait until my boyfriend builds our mini MCM house and we’ll be sure to stop by minimodernista’s etsy shop…that eames hang it all is at the top of our list!! my future mother in law goes to tons of miniature shows and was kind enough to give us our starter set…she builds some pretty phenomenal rooms and has been at it for awhile…it’s so much fun, we’re already addicted!

      thanks again for the link (and for visiting!!)


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