meatless monday recipe: spring pea and mint soup…

image from veggie belly

we are so exhausted from yesterday’s earth day LA event, that the thought of preparing food makes me want to crawl back into bed. with all the delicious springtime ingredients to choose from at the farmer’s market that was also happening  (i was able to schlep my tired body out of our booth and wander down the promenade), my bleary eyes were brought to life when i saw a pile of vibrant, fresh peas – hooray! this recipe from veggie belly will be a perfect, simple and comforting meal for tomorrow’s meatless monday supper.

sala’s recipe celebrates the flavor sensation of these little green powerhouses and seriously, looking at this recipe, it should be done in around 20 minutes or less! so, i’m thinking artichokes tonight and this lovely soup tomorrow – if you don’t have fresh peas, sala says you can use frozen (i’m just happy i had the presence of mind yesterday to buy loads of fresh!). peas are full of nutrients and in particular, tons of b-vitamins (which is exactly what we need after our long days of prep leading up to the show), protein and vitamin c, among others.

the world’s healthiest foods has posted all the nutritional info on peas and i had no idea these little pod dwellers packed such a punch! i’m wondering if our meatless monday should be tonight (a hunk of artisan bread and an early night) and then we can have the artichokes tomorrow…a little bit of a meatless monday cheat (artichokes are still veggie, but not really a recipe), and it could give us the fuel we need for the week ahead!

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2 responses to “meatless monday recipe: spring pea and mint soup…

  1. Amazing display of tasty goodness! Adding to my must try list NOW!

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