meatless monday recipe: roasted spring veggie couscous…

we planted our garden yesterday and i’m a happy, happy girl! springtime is the best time for all the beautiful fresh veggies that are available at the farmer’s market and i can’t wait until my “farmer’s market” is my backyard…

every sunday i post a meatless monday recipe to help you with ideas to take to the market. many of these recipes are to be made as written, but sometimes, there are a lot of good ideas that you will be able to adapt seasonally and to your taste. that is the case with this meatless monday recipe for a roasted spring veggie couscous

from the top, i’m going to make this dish with quinoa instead of couscous (a better protein source and my boyfriend hates kidney beans). i may add roasted garbanzo beans, omit the green bell peppers (i prefer red and yellow) and use fresh herbs instead of all the dried stuff. but i do love the idea of infusing the olive oil (i’ll do lemon and garlic, thus not needing the garlic powder).

what i hope all this shows you is that vegetarian cuisine doesn’t always mean pasta (although i think there have been some pretty exciting recipes posted here!). there are ways to get fresh, flavorful meals once you have a grasp of the basic elements of the dish. and in case you missed my post about how amazing quinoa is, you can click on the link below – i’ve also included other terrific quinoa recipes (that one from the ny times looks pretty delicious!) and other general information.

you know i am a huge advocate of meatless mondays. it really is a healthy and easy thing you can do for yourself and the planet at least once, but hopefully more times, a week!

for more info, please visit meatless mondays and meatfree mondays!

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