marmite vs. vegemite…the taste results!

lucky, lucky me! our vagabond friend has just returned from australia with a didgeridoo for my boyfriend and a jar of vegemite for me! i immediately had to have a taste test this morning…i love, love, LOVE marmite – on a bagel, with butter and cheddar cheese – a delicious lesson learned from a british friend of mine. the girl is gone, but the love for yeasty, salty marmite has endured…

on a strictly design level, marmite wins hands down. i love the shape of the jar, the graphic design on the label and i must say, the giant “kraft” logo on the vegemite is a bit off putting.

let’s open up the jars…on first sniff, the are pretty similar (i had to crack it open yesterday and already was salivating). but this morning, i found that marmite has a stronger, richer flavor. it seemed to meld with the butter better, making poor little vegemite a weaker cousin to the savory powerhouse that is marmite.

maybe i should try 51 degrees north‘s idea and have it with peanut butter? even though she was talking about marmite, it sounds good to me and could add a little umph to the vegemite…my boyfriend introduced me to PBPs (peanut butter and pickle sandwiches) and they were pretty amazing…maybe marmite/vegemite, gruyère, and cornichons? i’ve also read marmite is good with avocados (which makes sense since i like avocado & cucumber sushi and marmite has echoes of soy sauce in terms of its flavor)…boy, am i rambling…

i already have my eye on this beauty – super strength marmite xo – 4 times the flavor of regular marmite! fingers crossed our traveling friend has a trip planned to the u.k. soon (or at least by the time my jar of vegemite runs out)!

cheers, mate!

update: check out maggie’s blog and book, “mish-mash dictionary of marmite: an anecdotal a-z of tar in a jar”!

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8 responses to “marmite vs. vegemite…the taste results!

  1. yeeeee

    next stop. england!

  2. As you followed the challenge, between the mighty-M and the venerable-V, you will be more than likely to be interested in my book! It’s The Mish-Mash Dictionary of Marmite: an anecdotal A-Z of Tar-in-a-Jar. Considering it’s a book about Marmite, Vegemite does very well. It’s mentioned 40 times! Go to: Thanks LIAMW for giving me the chance to give it a ‘plug’.

  3. I have to confess that I love Marmite, but, well I am an Aussie, so I am sticking to Vegemite ! I am glad that you have done the taste test and tasted both, as some wouldn’t go near either of them. Please go in my poll to say whether you like vegemite – or Marmite. The poll is in my “Vegemite history” post on my blog, “Our Lovely World”. mmmm, marmite, no wait a minute, mmmm, vegemite. I totally ly agree with your determination, that Marmite has the stronger, richer flavour.

  4. simon

    just found this! im a uk chef ,and when making a peppercorn sauce i always add a teaspoon of marmite! also a little in gravy is good to go with your sunday roast.

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