more tips from the recyclist…

if you’re like me, you’re not 100% sure about all that can go into the recycle bin. well, LA residents, take heart! in this morning’s home section of the LA times, rene lynch (a.k.a. the recyclist) has opened the forum for all those questions you may have about the 3 R’s of reduce, reuse, recycle.

oddly enough, the online version of the recyclist didn’t have all the links that today’s paper did. you can also ask rene questions and send her topic ideas at  > “recyclist”.

anyway, here is what was in the actual paper this morning that i couldn’t find online:

  • what can go in the recycle bin? for LA, visit: > recycling > what you can recycle at the curb
  • long beach now takes styrofoam (but not peanuts), recycle your clean peanuts (there’s a joke in there somewhere) at ups, fedex, or mail boxes, inc.
  • give your recyclables a quick wash and rinse (warm soapy water) to ensure that they will actually be recycled once they are in the bin
  • have hazardous waste (i.e., paint thinner, motor oil, batteries, computers)? find your nearest drop-off point at > hazardous waste or for a calendar of curbside pickups go to
  • what about all that miscellaneous plastic stuff you are just not sure of? those bottle tops cannot be recycled. long beach recycles ziploc bags, but i don’t think LA does. take your dry cleaning bags back to the dry cleaners. baggies in LA? yes. cereal packaging? yes. pizza box? not the greasy bottom, yes to the clean top.

rene seems pretty serious about answering our questions – so let’s take her up on her offer and then share the information!

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