what a bright (and colorful) easter idea!

how cute is this idea from dorie greenspan? instead of so many colored eggs or peeps, why not add a bit of happy color to your easter with this recipe for french macarons?

she explains:

The sweet that I and so many of us are obsessed with these days is le macaron parisien. Like butterflies named for the people who discover them, macarons get named for the city in which they were first made, and Paris gets credit for these. Different cooks have been credited with creating the macaron, but on one point everyone agrees: It was the famed Parisian pastry shop Ladurée that first made them famous, beginning at the turn of the 20th century.

They’re small pastries-cum-cookies, and they’re at once simple and fantastical and nothing at all like their double-O kin, macaroons. What most of us know as a macaroon is usually made with coconut, sometimes almond paste, and it’s sometimes swirly, sometimes round, frequently dense and often tasty, but rarely light, elegant or ooh-la-la worthy.

By contrast, the macaron is a dainty construction in which two cookies — rounded, smooth and crunchy on top, soft and chewy in the middle, and lacily ridged at the base — sandwich something luxurious, like ganache or buttercream.

there are loads of tips and step by step instructions in her article. i’m not the best baker, but i do love her recipes (her world peace cookies are my absolute favorite), so i might have to give these a try…

happy easter!

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