meatless monday recipe: veggie fried rice…

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i promise this will be the last asian post for awhile, but this recipe from veggie belly was too delicious to pass up! sala uses jasmine rice (genius!) and a sauce called maggi (she also says you can substitute mushroom flavored soy sauce) – but i’m never one to pass up a new savory sauce discovery!

i did a little research on the maggi seasoning sauce and came across this post on wandering chopsticks. christine recommends the french or german versions (the french apparently is more expensive), both are less salty. her post lead me to eat, drink & be merry and a hilarious dissertation on maggi (and the comments are pretty passionate too!).

growing up japanese, i have no problem with MSG in small amounts…but i’m still not sure which version to buy…don’t really feel like splurging on a taste test, but i’m leaning towards the french version. for now, i’ll just make sala’s recipe with the jasmine rice and add some shiitake mushrooms and see how it goes. and the next time i am in an asian supermarket, will see if they have the french maggi. it seems people have many versions in their cupboards – maybe my friend dean can help me figure it out…

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