hello spring! time to change the clocks and time for cherry blossoms…

after an especially harsh winter (even in l.a.!), i am so excited to see the first cherry blossoms coming into bloom. growing up, the first days of spring were always happy times at our house. most years, my mother would prepare a lovely picnic for us to take to the park or go for a hike up in the mountains and we would just sit and appreciate nature’s renewal and rebirth.

image from modernest.com (of course!)

so, it is only fitting that modernest’s debut collection would include a cherry blossom bag (featuring a lovely illustration by my über talented boyfriend).

how i wish we had the time and money to travel d.c. or san francisco where we have friends to stay with and see the cherry blossom festivals in full swing…maybe next year. but for now, i will be happy to tote around a bit of that springtime spirit and with it, appreciation for my mom instilling in us an optimism that life, like nature, is always changing…

…and speaking of changing, don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!

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3 responses to “hello spring! time to change the clocks and time for cherry blossoms…

  1. I ordered the cherry blossom bag and love it! Thank you for creating such a lovely, reusable product.

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