meatless monday recipe: vegetarian potstickers…

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i don’t know what’s been going on, but i’ve been on a total asian kick the last few days. could be thoughts of my parents’ anniversary have taken me back to all those delicious meals my mom would whip up so effortlessly, i don’t know.

in the last week, i’ve made my easy peasy pantry spicy peanut noodles (will share the recipe next week for meatless monday); yakisoba (inspired by mark bittman’s the minimalist article in the NYT…made mine with tofu, leftover veggies and fresh sugar snap peas from my boyfriend’s mom’s garden – delicious!); and now i’m drooling over michael natkin’s (a.k.a. herbivoracious) scrumptious veggie gyozas! gyoza is pretty easy to make and i find filling and folding the gyoza skins quite relaxing. hey, while i’m thinking about it, i make a pretty mean harumaki (japanese spring roll) too…hmmm, the grocery list is getting longer! okay, focus…a little rice, some kirin beer and dinner is served!


a fun p.s.:  michael is giving away a digital kitchen scale – enter to win by becoming a fan on his FB page (details here)…deadline is today, so head on over!

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4 responses to “meatless monday recipe: vegetarian potstickers…

  1. Thanks for mentioning the potstickers and the contest! Did you end up making the potstickers? How’d they turn out? When are you giving up the recipe for harumaki :)?

    • hi michael!

      i did and they were oishii (japanese for deeee-licious)! i’m telling you, you have totally made a convert out of me when it comes to tempeh, normally i fill my gyoza with ground veggie meat (there’s a little hint for my upcoming harumaki recipe)…and i, too, like my dipping sauce on the vinegary side, i also add a little shichimi togarashi (the japanese chili powder with sesame seeds) for an extra kick!

      as always, thank you for another brilliant veggie recipe!

  2. I’m glad it was a winner! I love shichimi togarashi too, that orange peel flavor is amazing.

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