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one of the things i like about writing a blog is that it allows my mind to wander from thought to thought…sometimes this is a good thing (like this morning) and sometimes not so much (when you look up and it’s already noon). yesterday’s post about laura palese’s work started me thinking about hatch show print in nashville. since 1879, they have been creating bold, timeless designs using the same letterpress techniques – only the faces on the posters have changed. a good friend of ours actually visited (on multiple days) and said it was like an out of body experience (he’ll probably get a little teary eyed seeing their sign in this post). lucky for us, he returned home with armfuls of posters and was generous enough to share with his friends.

from marshall solokoff’s photo album

for all of us who cannot make the trek to nashville, here is a fantastic photo tour of hatch’s headquarters from marshall solokoff.

image from uppercase

uppercase has a terrific article on hatch show prints and the history and process of letterpress. the ritz-craft image above was hand-carved into wood at its full 41″x30″ size (there’s no photoshop size scaling here, kids!).

check out this amazing collection of posters from the historic ryman auditorium.

this video was produced with the smithsonian, hosted by hatch show print manager jim sherraden – whose motto, “preservation through production”  means keeping this american artform alive by doing it the same way it’s always been done, with the same materials and tools. you can also buy jim’s book, “hatch show print: the history of a great american poster shop” on amazon.

if you are going to be in austin between now and may 9th, you will have to see “american letterpress the art of hatch show print” at the austin museum of art.

quilt monoprint

there are tons of posters for sale on the hatch show print website. if i had to choose, i think i would go for one of the monoprints…but please, please don’t make me choose!

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4 responses to “hatch show print…

  1. yeeeee

    i love it. you know me so well (wiping tears:)

  2. kim

    that gets me a bit choked up. so f(_)*king beautiful!!!

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