meatless monday recipe: rigatoni with sun-dried tomato pesto…

image from food blogga

although she’s been around for awhile, i’ve only just discovered susan’s fabulous food blog, food blogga. it is filled with scrumptious home cooking and is very well written with easy to follow instructions.  i have a lovely bottle of red wine that i’ve been saving for some reason (it usually doesn’t last that long) and i think this über flavorful pasta dish will be a perfect companion. the thing that intrigues me about this rigatoni recipe is that she makes her pesto from sun-dried tomatoes, it sounds absolutely delicious!

she, like my boyfriend and me, is totally obsessed with cara cara oranges right now and we have quite a few in the house. so i’m thinking that her frisee salad recipe will be a perfect starter.

although i fear a carb overload (as if that’s possible), i’m also considering baking these cheese puffs (but i’ll make them with gruyère).

image from simply recipes

i’ve always wanted to learn how to make a pâte a choux dough, so with my bottle of wine as my inspiration, there’s no better time than the present! i figure if i can master these, the different flavor combinations will be endless – and it will be a way to add a definite wow factor to lots of simple meals.

mini update to a post that hasn’t even been posted! michael ruhlman simplifies the pâte a choux process on his amazing blog that demystifies and explains the craft of cooking…definitely a valuable resource and fantastic reading!


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