your old van halen t-shirt gets a new life and gives new hope to women…

image from hello rewind

if you are like my boyfriend, you have a ton of t-shirts that you just can’t bear to part with. what are you going to do with that favorite concert t-shirt? well now, thanks to hello rewind, you can make that treasured cotton memory into a laptop sleeve! i know i just posted about looptworks, but the folks at hello rewind became followers of modernest yesterday on twitter, so i went to see what they were all about…and am i ever glad i did!

here’s how it works:  you place your order (13″, 15″ or 17″). they send you a prepaid envelope. you send hello rewind your shirt. they cut out the design and material; sew it all together with batting, felt and velcro. and in 4-8 weeks, your dear old friend now has a new purpose in life – protecting your laptop – and you get a customized laptop sleeve for $49!

and if that weren’t enough, the true purpose of hello rewind goes beyond giving you a super cool one of a kind product. working with restore nyc,  their mission is to retrain sex slave workers in the u.s.:

We want to show sex trafficking survivors that rescue is not the end and that there is hope for something better in their lives. We train and teach them in fundamental skills — sewing, English, business skills. Many of the laptop sleeves made through Hello Rewind are hand-crafted by sex trafficking survivors, and we hope that they become an integral part of our business operations. After supporting the sex trafficking suvivors involved with Hello Rewind, the remaining profits are recycled back into the company so that we can grow the business to support even more women.

pretty phenomenal. time to start digging through those bins…

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