waste never looked so good…

image from looptworks.com

i saw this article on treehugger and knew i had to check it out. looptworks has just released these supercool laptop sleeves made from upcycled neoprene wetsuits.

their inspiring philosophy is:  limited resources=limited consumption=limited edition designs. this carries over into their apparel lines for men and women, made completely from pre-consumer waste. they source scraps from around the world and make them into stylish shirts, pants and jackets…that includes every snap, button, zipper and thread.

miel crew by looptworks

their miel crew shirt (named for the location in indonesia where they got the materials) has a little hidden pocket (in the striped fabric), that can handle your cash, credit cards or ipod…pretty nifty!

thanks to treehugger for showing me some waste i could want!

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One response to “waste never looked so good…

  1. kim

    i bet there is a whole warehouse of unused flourescent colored wetsuits begging to be made into these. please, please, please don’t let body glove be a returning fad.

    nice shirts!

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