new year, new goals, new garden?

thankfully, many people are making the decision to eat locally this year – and for some, this has inspired them to grow their own food. but what if you’ve never had a garden before? treehugger had an excellent post – kind of a gardening 101 – to help you get started on this most worthy and rewarding endeavor.

more advanced than that? then treehugger (seriously, one of my favorite sites!) had an interview with lee reich that is full of useful info as well as reading recommendations.

don’t have a yard? life on the balcony is a terrific blog for apartment and condo dwellers who want to garden in a small space.

and while we all can’t be martha, last week’s “iron chef america” showed us the bounty that could be grown just outside our door (in 7 months, the white house garden had produced 700 lbs. of delicious, organic veggies!).

but i thought the best line was when chef batali said to chef lagasse,

“this is how we should cook everyday.”

…truer words were never spoken on the food network!

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One response to “new year, new goals, new garden?

  1. Kelli

    Thanks modernest. I’ll be planting my first edible garden this spring & I’ve Bern looking for a good resource.

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