out of all the holidays, new year’s day is my favorite. what i miss most is my mom making us a delicious japanese feast – sukiyaki, mochi, loads of pickled vegetables and buckwheat noodles with soba-tsuyu. but after the giddiness of christmas had passed, new year’s day was a time of calm and reflection in our family – remembering the year that was and looking forward to the year that was upon us. and while i talk to them each new year’s, it obviously isn’t the same as when we all were together around the table…

as i posted before, i spend much of the month of december rereading the journal entries of the year (i’m actually wondering if i should have reread the entire decade this year?). i never have been one to go very crazy on new year’s eve – a couple cocktails and some nibblies and off to bed.

but new year’s day is a different story. each year, i am up early – the first journal entry of the year is usually a longer one. then, after breakfast and walking the dogs, my boyfriend and i pack a lunch and head off for the beach. the coast in the wintertime is a beautiful thing. there is such a peacefulness about it – couples strolling along the shore; children quietly playing; the sky is scattered with clouds with the sun peeking through; seals and birds and sometimes dolphins – everyone enjoying the majestic power of the sea. we find a perfect spot to just sit and be with each other. we talk about the ups and downs of 2009 and what we would like to do as individuals and as a couple in 2010.  it is a perfect way for us to greet the new year. i always come back serenely refreshed. it’s just the perfect way to make the transition from one year to the next…

so on this new year’s day, tonight’s supper will be buckwheat soba and a toast to 2010 and most of all, to my mom!

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3 responses to “01.01.10…

  1. Patty

    Soba is always a favorite for me – so tasty and low impact. Sounds good after all the rich holiday food. I missed the health soup at Steve’s grandmother’s since I managed to get sick and was not going to infect anyone else if I could help it.

    Believe it or not I have even helped make the mochi. Only white woman there, but didn’t stop me!

    • hi patty,

      i agree! soba is such a clean way to start the new year. and i can’t believe you made mochi! even i haven’t done that!! we’ve been sick since december 26th…just can’t seem to shake it!

      happy new year to you & steven!

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