goodbye 2009…hello 2010!

this has been quite the year and quite the decade… through it all, i think we discovered that we all are connected – for better or worse – and that we must start paying attention to the consequences of how we live on others and our planet. and that we also must focus on what really matters:  good friends, family, good health and making time for each other. as we say goodbye to 2009, my hope is that we bring with us these simple lessons of  kindness and sharing into the new year.

my new year’s resolutions are to be more present in my life and in the lives of others. to stop looking back with regret, but to always remain introspective and reflective. to be generous and genuine in action and words. to buy american whenever possible. to eat healthful, local foods. to appreciate and create beauty. to take longer walks. to read more books.

and biggest of all for my boyfriend and me, january 2010 will bring the launch of modernest. it has been a journey, as any creative endeavor is – but also so fulfilling and so gratifying. i’ve learned a lot through the process…about courage and commitment and discipline. about believing in myself and working harder than i’ve ever worked before. and also about facebook and twitter and this blog – all these new ways of connecting with like-minded people. it’s been pretty amazing.

so wherever you are and whatever your dreams and goals, i wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!



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2 responses to “goodbye 2009…hello 2010!

  1. Marie "FUN" Tyner

    Well said my fellow creative friend! Here’s to 2010! May it be a year where we all evolve to a more meaningful place.

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