best films of the decade?

a good friend of mine asked us to list our top 40 (well, he said 30 – but i couldn’t do it) films of the decade.

so here are mine, in no particular order (except for #1&2):
1. mar adentro (the sea inside) – quite possibly my favorite film of the decade
2. the diving bell and the butterfly (a close second)
3. funny games (american version)
4. amores perros, 21 grams, babel (is it cheating since this is a trilogy?)
5. crouching tiger, hidden dragon
6. before night falls
7. tell no one
8. up
9. district 9
10. sexy beast
11. moulin rouge
12. ghost dog
13. star trek
14. punch drunk love
15. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
16. revolutionary road
17. mystic river
18. lost in translation
19. memento
20. a history of violence
21. y tu mamá también
22. snatch
23. les triplettes de belleville
24. nueve reinas (nine queens)
25. man on wire
26. gladiator
27. no country for old men
28. caché
29. there will be blood
30. pan’s labryrinth
31. the hurt locker
32. capote
33. in the mood for love
34. fahrenheit 911
35. the wrestler
36. l’homme du train (man on the train)
37. brokeback mountain
38. the science of sleep
39. adaptation
40. departures (one of the most beautiful, poignant films i’ve seen)

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3 responses to “best films of the decade?

  1. after seeing my list, my friend has now upped the count from 30 to 40…

  2. kelli

    Synecdoche, New York (2008). have you seen it? this may be my favorite film of the decade.

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