here comes 2010 and i haven’t a thing to wear!

…but then i saw this little black dress on a fantastic site called greenloop (thanks to treehugger and natural as possible mom for the info!). i’m torn between the adorable “edie” dress above and this angel-sleeved number. both affordable (less than $80) and sustainable.

in fact, everything on greenloop is all you would want your clothing to be:  sustainable, sweatshop free and consciously made!

from their website:

All brands carried by Greenloop employ a variety of responsible practices, including: using eco-friendly, sustainable materials; employing energy efficient and low-impact production; investing in renewable energy and carbon offsets; and maximizing recycling and waste reduction. In addition to these practices, these companies engage in fair trade, support organic agriculture, engage in sweat-shop free production, protect human rights, and donate to various environmental non-profit groups through in-kind and financial gifts.

woman-owned and based in portland, their business philosophy is right in line with modernest: live deliberately. shop accordingly.

i am bookmarking them for all my future fashion needs!

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One response to “here comes 2010 and i haven’t a thing to wear!

  1. Hey, thanks for the call-out, and I’m glad I could turn you on to Treehugger! Awesome site! One of my bookmarks. I check it every day.

    Looking forward to following your blog posts! I love how you use images. I am bad at that. My resolution for 2010!

    Happy New Year!

    p.s. I love that angel sleeve dress, too!

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