meatless monday recipe: grilled cheese & roasted tomato soup…

well, the holidays finally caught up with me. i don’t know if it was too much excitement, too many games with the kids or too much eggnog…but i am sick. and so all my sensory memories turn to a bowl of lovely tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. but i don’t have the energy to drag my weak, tired body to the market. so, i found this recipe from michael chiarello that i think i can adapt to satisfy my craving…and while i’m posting it for an idea for your meatless monday tomorrow, i will be preparing it tonight…

the brilliant part of this recipe is that he roasts the canned chopped tomatoes in the oven. of course, instead of chicken stock, i will use veggie stock. i have all the other ingredients and will definitely omit the cream and will eyeball the olive oil (it seems like a lot since he calls for butter). i think will serve it with a oven-toasted baguette topped with gruyère, diced garlic and olive oil.

all i need is the baguette and a simple, satisfying sunday supper will be served!

this message was brought to you by the letter S.



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2 responses to “meatless monday recipe: grilled cheese & roasted tomato soup…

  1. kelli

    thanks for the recipes m-nest. meatless monday is healthy for humans & our environment. it has been said that if every person in the u.s. observed meatless monday for a year it would be like taking 19 million cars off the road. one of the “greenest” things a person can do is reduce their consumption of meat.

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