a new year, a new journal…

about a million years ago, i did the artist’s way and the one thing i have had been committed to ever since then is writing in my journal. despite all the technologies of today – this blog, modernest’s facebook and twitter pages;  my iphone, my macbook – i am still a pen and paper girl at heart. i have my super cool jonathan adler mini-notebook that i carry with me always and i have my lovely journals that i write in daily. there is something about the sound of the pen moving across the white page that helps me to process and record whatever is going on in my life.

i have a ritual each december, when i reread all my past entries. it gives me a lot of insight, helps me to break old patterns and relive especially lovely moments and memories of the year that was.

i’m always on the lookout for beautiful, unlined journals, so i was especially excited to have read this ecofabulous post on  ecosystem journals – not only made in america from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, but they have calculated the carbon footprint of their brightly colored products and you can actually track the materials used to create your journal with an identification number. they also guide you through the recycling process, but i won’t need that since i keep all my past journals in vintage suitcases – my life written and recorded.

available at barnes and noble…i think i might still have a gift card with a balance on it – happy new year to me!


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