pig cognition studies

i’ve actually been holding this post for awhile. mainly because i don’t like to get into people’s personal choices about what they eat (and also because my boyfriend is a huge fan of bacon). but i read this article in the new york times last month and i can’t get it out of my head. there is a lot of documented evidence that pigs are as smart/smarter than dogs. and like i said, i understand that people eat meat. i don’t stand in judgment of that. but if you are dealing with a creature who is able to problem solve and do many of the things pigs are capable of doing, then at minimum – please only eat free range pigs – if their lives are going to be sacrificed for your BLT, then at least let it be a pleasant life.

it’s just food for thought.

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2 responses to “pig cognition studies

  1. I saw a show called “Hog Genius” and haven’t eaten pork since then– which was over a year ago. Plus we live around pigs (the four-legged kind) and it’s hard to look into the eyes of something that cute and think about eating it.

    • that was a hard post for me to write (only because i don’t like putting my snout in the eating habits of others), but i think if most people knew the facts, they would feel bad eating something so intelligent…at least i hope so…

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