the story of cap and trade …

from the makers of “the story of stuff” comes “the story of cap and trade” – a 10 minute easy to understand short about the cap and trade measurement being discussed on capitol hill and at the international climate talks in copenhagen. (it took forever for the video to load on annie leonard’s site, so you can also view it here on youtube).

basically, the video shows that the current proposal will not save the planet, but will line the pockets of big corporate polluters and the “agents” who bring the traders and tradees together. it will create a $3 trillion bubble – but when this bubble pops, it may take the planet with it.

ms. leonard says that the “cap” of cap and trade is a smart move – it is the “trade” part where things get a little shady. a viable option is a carbon tax being proposed by NASA climate expert james hansen – you can read his op-ed from sunday’s new york times here.

i don’t claim to understand a lot of this. and maybe cap and trade is the best we can do and that is better than nothing (which is heartbreaking and frustrating to even say) – all i know is i’m going to try to learn more and get involved. since the epa just declared that carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride – chemicals produced in refineries and cars, among other places – now officially harm human health, maybe that will add some teeth back into the waxman-markey bill

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2 responses to “the story of cap and trade …

  1. kim

    not to mention the talks are stating that they will meet 2009 standards by 2050. Shouldn’t it be reset EVERY YEAR and not 50 years from now where standards will be drastically different? I mean if we finally conformed to standards from 1959 by now (which we probably haven’t) where would we be? imperial semantics…and doom

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