meatless monday – go veggie once a week and help yourself and the planet!

my vegetarianism is a personal decision and i don’t preach to my friends and family who get that craving for a big, juicy burger (or want a traditional thanksgiving dinner). i often cook meat for my boyfriend and guests (although i must say his meat consumption has gone way down and he is a huge fan of soyrizo).

the john hopkins school of public health says practicing just one meatless day a week can reduce your consumption of saturated fat by 15% and reduce your chances of heart disease and other ailments.

worldwide livestock farming creates one-fifth of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. scientists estimate that if every american lowered their meat consumption by just 20% (the equivalent of one meatless day), it would lower greenhouse gasses by as much as if everyone in the country switched to driving toyota priuses! not to mention the amount of water required to produce just one pound of ground beef (2,500 gallons) or all the fossil fuel used and pollutant runoff into our rivers and streams.

by pledging to go meatless once a week, you will improve your health, save money (grains and veggies are cheaper than meat), and help the planet!

so, won’t you join this international movement? meatless monday has a ton of information and recipes to help you start your week off right. and it’s cheaper than buying a prius!

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