xmas gift wrap…escape the tape and get creative!

did you know good ol’ scotch tape is a petroleum based product and that many recycling services won’t pick up wrapping paper? at minimum, please remove your tape before putting your paper in the recycle bin…but even better, try getting a little creative with:

  • aluminum foil, paper bags, craft paper, old road maps, etc.
  • use fabric remnants, scarves or functional wrappers (tea towels, cloth napkins)
  • use old xmas cards as this year’s gift tags or buy or make your own seed pack gift tags
  • wrap your gift tightly and secure it with something like this awesome colored, biodegradable hemp twine, available at global hemp

i’m trying to think of ways to embellish and personalize the gifts i will be giving this year – there was a terrific article in yesterday’s los angeles times about food gifts and some really creative and simple ways of presenting them – get crafty this holiday season

i’ll be trying lots of these and would love to hear any ideas you may have as well!

happy wrappy!

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