star light, star bright, our xmas decorations use no light…

following up on my post yesterday, here is a perfect example of what i mean by living in a modern world…i found these plastic ornaments at the goodwill 3 years ago. they were in a box marked $2.50 – score! the shiny ornaments bring color and sparkle to our house and a smile to the faces of all passersby in the daytime. but best of all, we are using zero energy (no lights!).

i placed them under our awnings and roof lines to protect them from the elements (which, in southern california really only means wind and rain). the front of the house is themed in silver and the back patio in gold.

we’ve already received many compliments from our neighbors. and while i understand the tradition of lights and lawn decor (please buy LED lights!), i like the minimal, yet whimisical and modern vibe it brings to our 50s house.

i was unable to get a wide shot of the house, but i hope you can get a sense of what i’m trying to achieve…

i hope by using and reusing these decorations (and not using energy), i will offset the fact that they are plastic. and obviously, buying them at the thrift store already saved them from their fate in the landfill! and that is living in a modern world:  doing the best you can whenever you can to save energy and reduce waste.

happy holidays!

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