the dry brine verdict is in…

i almost forgot to post a photo of our thanksgiving “linner” … word around the table was that dry brining produced a crispy skin, a flavor infusion (rosemary and lemon zest) throughout the oh-so-moist-and-tender meat…so, i would say it was a hit! certainly more than my stuffed pumpkin experiment (but there’s always next year). and for your dining pleasure, the turkey was served with asiago mashed potatoes, green beans and a vegetarian dressing (complete with veggie sausages!). dessert was supposed to be pumpkin pie – but turned into pumpkin gingerbread instead – delicious nonetheless! and the tablecloth was a bright and cheery gift,  perfect for our casual holiday meal! tune in tomorrow for the first of the holiday decorations – i’m giddy with seasonal cheer!



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4 responses to “the dry brine verdict is in…

  1. yeeeee

    simple and rustic!!

  2. mayo

    that plate is beautiful, I’d hit it!

  3. thanks, mayo, the veggie dressing was pretty tasty, i must say!

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