if you’re already thinking about xmas…

thanksgiving hasn’t even come and gone yet, but i’m already filled with excitement about my holiday decorating this weekend. i have two huge boxes of ornaments and decorations that i’ve collected and used and reused most of my life.

the big question this year seems to be a fake vs. a real tree. some of my friends think fake is better because you save a tree. i am of a different mindset…to me, a christmas tree is a crop. it is grown to be purchased. as the tree grows, you are helping the environment (with CO2 consumption). and if you buy from a local, organic farm (vs. a national retailer), the carbon footprint is far less and you are helping the local economy. an organic farm will also not use pesticides. most cities have tree pickup and then use them for mulch (completing the cycle of tree life). but most of all, i try to make my purchasing decisions based on what is going to happen when you throw that item away (and you will eventually throw that PVC tree away…) and it sits in a landfill forever.  but don’t take my word for it, here is an interview from clint springer, Ph.D., a botanist and global warming expert at saint joseph’s university in philadelphia:  real vs. fake?

and from “mr. green” from the sierra club:

and besides, nothing beats that fresh xmas tree smell! i think this year we might try a living tree…i’d love to hear your thoughts!

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2 responses to “if you’re already thinking about xmas…

  1. Real. The best part of the holiday season for us is making our trip to the Christmas tree farm, treking around with everyone else who is looking for the perfect tree (rather than taking it out of a box), cutting it down and having some hot apple cider. There is nothing like having the energy of a live tree, and the fresh pine smell, in your house compared to a fake one that has no energy… or smell. And, now days, just about anywhere you live they have tree recycling programs.

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