what’s (really) for lunch?

the reality is, we all can’t get to a farmer’s market every week. sometimes you just run out of stuff or living in a modern world, you just need to run to the grocery store to do your shopping. if you are like me, you can spend a lot of time in a store aisle trying to make healthy food choices and trying to decipher all the nutritional claims. while i do try to follow the rule of thumb of buying the majority of my items in the outer perimeter of the store, sometimes you have to go up and down those inner aisles to get what you need. here is an interesting and helpful summary of all those “healthy” promises being made by food manufacturers: raise healthy eaters

and while this website is geared towards parents, there’s a lot of good info for all of us.

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2 responses to “what’s (really) for lunch?

  1. bear with me, m learning…

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