for my vegetarian friends (and me!)…

i wanted to serve a hearty, savory, meatless entree for thanksgiving. i searched the internet and found one of my favorite cooks – dorie greenspan – had been experimenting with this very idea. i’m going to try it this weekend (if there are still pumpkins around) and if not, then some variation and depending on its success, a full blown version next thanksgiving!

here’s her recipe that she calls a “recipe in progress”


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4 responses to “for my vegetarian friends (and me!)…

  1. mayo

    That looks excellent, veggie or not. I doubt anyone would miss the, ahem, flesh.

  2. mayo

    I’m commenting again! I just went to read Dorie’s article, how it was adapted from a Sunset recipe circa 70s/80s. Yum. I’d love this with chunks o’ sweet potato too. Also, did you notice how she goes ahead and answers her commenters? Personal buddy!

    • hello to my one and only fan!! i love her – i bought her baking cookbook (and you know how i feel about sweets), because she has a “world peace” cookie that is to die for…maybe i’ll make some for the xmas festivities this year? i’ll have to go leave some comments too (and thanks for your interest in my blog!) xooxox, j.

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